Today’s Headlines

  • Motorists Continue to Violate Bike and Bus Lane Restrictions on Clifton Boulevard (Plain Dealer)
  • As More Americans┬áReturn to Biking, Older Individuals Are Suffering More Injuries (Dispatch)
  • Planners Considering New Streetscape Design Standards to Improve Safety, Appearance (ThisWeek)
  • Overhaul of Anthony Wayne Bridge Nearly Complete (Blade)
  • Urban Living Showcase to Profile Walkability of Newport (Soapbox Cincinnati)
  • Both Uber and Lyft Have Now Been Cleared to Operate at CVG (River City News)
  • The Way Most Traffic Studies Are Conducted Doesn’t Make Much Sense (Urban kchoze)
  • Cities Are Finally, and Smartly, Starting to Put Pedestrians and Cyclists Ahead of Motorists (The Economist)

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