Today’s Headlines

  • RTA Ridership Declines 7 Percent After Service Cuts (Plain Dealer)
  • State Reverses Law Permitting Drivers to Run Red Lights, OKs It for Cyclists (Dispatch)
  • Safe-Passing Bicycle Law Establishes 3-Foot Minimum (WCPO)
  • Someone Replaced 35 MPH Signs in Cleveland With 25 MPH Signs (Dispatch)
  • Cincinnati Streetcar Operator Warns of “Catastrophic” Equipment Problems (Business Courier)
  • Transportation Bill Passes Ohio Senate But Lacks Long-Term Vision (Dispatch)
  • Uber Rolls Out Program for Teens in Columbus (Dispatch)
  • SORTA Eyes Contingency Fund to Cover $3 Million Budget Deficit (Enquirer)
  • Cost of Obama Era Fuel Efficiency Standards Significantly Less Than Previous Estimates (Reuters)

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